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The critically acclaimed painter Chaim Soutine had an unusual lifestyle and upbringing that was reflected in his expressive paintings. Although he immigrated to Paris, the center of Western art, in 1913, he was never able to escape the tormented memory of his childhood.

Shmuel Tatz's art collection showcases works by Soutine and other noteworthy artists in the School of Paris, including Michel Kikoine, Pinchus Krémègne, Ossip Zadkine, and Jacques Lipchitz. This collection delves into relationships Soutine had with the great artists and close friends in his circle. Some were a significant part of Soutine’s life, as they encouraged and supported his exceptional creative abilities.

This upcoming year marks seventy-five years since Soutine's death, as well as one hundred and twenty five years after his birth. If you ask one hundred people if they have heard of the artist Chaim Soutine, only one person would reply, “Yes.” On the other hand, if you ask one hundred artists if they have heard of Chaim Soutine, ninety-nine of them would say that he is one of the greatest artists. We would like to share the overlooked painter with larger audiences and hope you will join us for the celebration of Soutine’s 125th birthday.

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